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How much to hit 50 ng/ml cutoff?

So I know everyone’s metabolism is different, but I’ve been testing myself at home regularly and always come up negative (though with a faint(er) line).

This past weekend, I smoked 3 nights in a row, multiple sessions each night to keep myself feeling good.

I test today, and still show negative. (I’ve confirmed with multiple strips – and have checked with my first urination of the day).

I’m 5’11” and about 240lbs. A good amount of fat, not an athlete by any means. I do have a fairly physical job walking around a warehouse all day long, but nothing that burns a ton of fat.

I have another set of test strips (another brand) on order, so I’ll know more later this week.

Should I be concerned that my test strips are no good? Or am I just not hitting that cutoff?

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