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I just had the best night of my life stoned

Tl;dr at the bottom

For a bit of context, I recently found a new gf, got a job, enrolled into a night course and am finally living alone after couch surfing for a while.

My girlfriend and I decided to go to the cinema together as a date and that we would meet my place. I was super excited and so proud to show her my not so shitty €1200 a month apartment, and my notes from my college course, and some meals I cooked myself.

I walk down to greet her and while we were in the elevator up, I was hypnotized by the smell. I’ve had almost no money for the last couple of months and as a result I haven’t been able to buy much weed, it’s €15 a g in Ireland. It must have been 3 months since I last smoked, and I was a regular smoker for years so I had definitely developed a fondness for Mary Jane. I asked her if she could smell that and she opens up a beautiful 1/8th (€50 bag) out of her pocket. She knew I enjoyed weed and I knew she didn’t, and it was honestly one of the most thoughtful gifts anybody has given me.

Unfortunately, she had forgotten to bring any rolling papers or any way of smoking it, so I decided to put my years of stoner knowledge to use and make some edibles.

I gave her the spaghetti Bolognese I prepared earlier but I didn’t bother having a bowl myself as I was busy making firecrackers, which are basically herb and chocolate or peanut butter spread sandwiched between 2 graham crackers. I made 6 big firecrackers, wrapped them in tinfoil and threw them into the oven. I had completely forgotten that neither of us had any tolerance to weed and that 0.6g was a lot to put in an edible, no matter how bad the weed is.

I brought a bowl of spaghetti with me as we went over to the tv, where my laptop was hooked up to and ready to play a copy of the movie “The Nun” that I had pirated, but Jessica (my gf) shows me that she actually bought 2 tickets to see the nun in an IMAX cinema. If I wasn’t already in love with her, I was now.

We decided to sneak the firecrackers into the cinema so we ate one each and I wrapped them in cloth and slid them under my top. While we were on the tram on the way to the cinema (we decided not to drive since she was stoned) I still wasn’t feeling it, until I looked at Jessica next to me who’s eyes were super red, and then I realized we had missed our stop by about 4 stops and was actually a super stoned idiot.

We just got the tram in the opposite direction but we missed the start of the movie, which would be fine if this wasn’t a horror movie, but it was. If you haven’t seen the nun, the beginning basically informs you a bit about the nun herself and her history, and familiarized the audience with her face. Since we missed that, and neither of us had actually watched the trailer, we had no idea what the nun looked like (she looked scary as fuck), all we knew was that it was based on a true story.

We decide to take another fire cracker each which was just an absolutely retarded idea in retrospect but whatever. As the movie goes on, I was so relaxed that the standard jump scares weren’t doing much, and I was actually enjoying the interesting plot of the movie for a while. I turned to look at Jessica, only to see her absolutely passed out, and honestly I respect her for making it this far.

There was this scene in the movie where there’s 2 of them in a graveyard at night time and there were these bells above the graves that people who were buried alive could ring. This scene is also the first time I actually saw the nun, which scared the absolute fuck out of me holy shit she’s scary. I must be at a [10] at this stage so my mind is going nuts and there was so much fast moving that I felt like I was flying in my chair. Fortunately the protagonists make it through the night alive, and I thought it was finally over, but it had actually only been about an hour I think. The movie only gets scarier and scarier and I’m silently laughing at how fucking scary this movie is. There’s lots of awkward turning and weird moving camera shots in the movie which just made me so confused. Towards one of the end scenes the nun comes out in full force with the power of Satan I think and is just killing everybody, and she smacks something and it starts flying towards the camera, which made me jump back and grab Jessica’s arm, which wakes her up.

(Keep in mind this all happens in like 2 seconds and occurred in he middle of a pretty scary scene) As she’s waking up, she turns her head and goes “wuah” since she had just woke up, which made me gasp with shock, which made the 2 50ish year old women behind me jump and gasp as well, which made the little girl who was with the scream, which made some girls at the other side of the cinema scream, which made everybody else jump up and gasp and it was all really really scary.

Well anyway the movie ends and we’re both just laughing at how scared we were and just having a really good time. As were walking to the luas, she decided that since it was actually a pretty warm night that we should go to the graveyard that she used to sneak out to listen to rock music since her parents were really strict. We walked to the graveyard and all the pretty lights and sounds on the streets were so cool. We sat down on the grass against an old wall at the back of the graveyard and decided to eat the remaining 2 fire crackers, and wasn’t that just such a shit decision.

As I’m sitting down admiring all the stars, Jessica opens up Spotify on her phone and starts playing some frank ocean, specifically pyramids. If you haven’t heard the opening to the song, it’s starts with this weird bass opening and some ringing bells. Well anyway I had no idea she was playing the music and I couldn’t really hear the bass since she had a shitty €100 android phone and it wasn’t turned up all the way, but I could faintly hear the “claps” (the ringing bell sounds) and I thought that was the sound of somebody buried alive ringing the bell on their grave (this graveyard didn’t even have any graves with bells I was retarded) and froze with fear. I thought there was some guy buried alive that was trying to communicate to me through ringing the bell. I tried so hard to understand what the bells were, and I was too afraid to look in case there was a nun there.

It wasn’t until frank ocean starts singing that I realize it’s just a song and I fall back sighing with relief and bang my head off the rock wall. Me and Jessica started laughing about it since it was pretty funny. We walked over the the tram station and both stayed at my apartment for the night, and I realized when she fell asleep on my chest that it was the greatest day of my life.

I had to share this with someone and I thought this subreddit would be a good choice.

Tl;dr I got way too stoned with some edibles for the first time in a couple of months with my new gf who never smoked before, ended up like 45 minutes late to the cinema cos we were stoned, got really scared and confused watching the movie which was extra scary and confusing since we missed the start, went to a graveyard and thought I could hear a ghost for a whole minute and just had a really good time

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To my fellow ents going through a funk, you’re not alone.

Let me just say this off the bat, this is not a post fishing for sympathy or karma. Life is fucking rough sometimes, and the curveballs come faster than you're ready for. Sometimes you swing and hit, and sometimes you miss. I've been going through a depression the past couple months since I've gotten out of a two year relationship. My motivation for my creative art fluctuates and sometimes disappears all together. I'm broke as fuck, and going through a four month dryspell. Every girl I've seen or hung out drops me or I get too caught up in my own head and distance myself from them. Smoking has become a crutch to help me lean through my sadness and it's starting to lose its luster. Moderation of marijuana is something I'm highly considering for the mental clarity and financial benefits. I've been roughed up but it's been difficult to get out of bed every morning and find a purpose again. To the people who have made it this far in my post, I thank you. Also, if you're going through a rough time I believe in you. The same way I'm starting to believe in myself. I didn't know where to post my thoughts but this subreddit is very warm and welcoming so I thank the people who take time out of their day to encourage others with positivity and wisdom. I hope everyone gets to live their dreams and pursue what they are passionate about. To the people who are in a low place and feel like there is no place to grab air, keep fighting. You will make it. Be strong and fight through everyday. And if everyday gets too hard, fight through every hour. When this becomes too difficult fight through every minute. Time is the ultimate healer and its difficult to cope with sometimes but if you continue to progress you will eventually heal. I don't post a lot on reddit but this is one of my favorite subs. I know I will eventually make it out of this spot I'm in now, and I know you will too. Much love to you guys, smoke safely and enjoy the moment. One day the earth wont be as beautiful as it is now and the people you spend your time with won't be here. Love you guys -Jonas

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