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An average conversation with my grandma

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23 thoughts on “An average conversation with my grandma

  1. Lmaoo and bro charge your phone,got my heart racing haha

  2. Every gamgam should have access to pot

  3. Maybe Grandma wants you to bring some pot over so you two can get high before enjoying the dinner she made you

  4. I think it’s a hint…

  5. Wish I could get my gram gram to smoke blunts…*sigh*

  6. Granny knows what’s up!

  7. Spend time with Nann! She could show you knitting you could show her pot fun all around

  8. 1% really? Who do you think you are?

  9. I think your gran wants you to take her some weed.

  10. Your phone on 1% and not charging is giving me axiety 5 hours after seeing your post. Please tell me your charged it before it died

  11. You’re so lucky your gramma cooks for you! I sure do miss mines fried chicken and gumbo. She was Cajun, and had that temper to go with it.

  12. Hook her up with some cannabutter! Image the goodies she could make with it.

  13. 1%. You really are a fucking animal, huh?

  14. Your phone battery is at 1%, phone death is immiment.

  15. Always spend time your granny man. I wish I had a granny that gave a shit.

  16. Charge your phone you fucking lunatic

  17. Have all the dinners at granny’s house!

  18. Mans was in a trial against time to post this at 1% battery

  19. Who texts on 1%? You must be high

  20. Your grandma is cool. I love my grandma more than words but if she knew I used weed, even legally with my med card, she’d think I was a raging addict. It makes me sad.

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