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Bernie 2020 will legalize 420

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16 thoughts on “Bernie 2020 will legalize 420

  1. Hell yeah, I love big B

  2. 15/hr minimum wage is bullshit, everything will sky rocket and my cost of living is trash already

  3. Go watch the Joe Rogan podcast featuring Andrew Yang. He seems very intelligent with good ideas and strong morals. Toward the end of the podcast he states that on 4/20/21 he will free all those incarcerated for marijuana

  4. call me crazy but I’d rather have marijuana continue to be federally illegal over America becoming a socialist state


    edit: 🤷‍♂️

  5. Guys come on. Legal weed is an important issue but not at the cost of Bernie Sanders economic policies. Please look into them more, I love this community and I don’t want it to become a political shit show like the rest of them for the next two years.

  6. Who would’ve thought that if you make a political posts, then it will become a shit show.

  7. Either way we all have something in common.. the love for this beautiful plant

  8. i smell russian bots.. always be weary


  9. I’m a middle aged dude in mid America who always voted Republican and I can support this.

    I no longer identify with one particular party so no need for concern.

  10. An AWB again? Yeah sorry old man but no thanks

  11. What an absolute shit threat this is

  12. Reddit : the big mean gov makes laws I don’t like and ruins lives. Makes plants illegal and jails everyone

    Also Reddit: let’s make gov even bigger and more powerful.

  13. A pipe dream to get all of that. But I stand by Bernie to get at least some of it enacted.

  14. How does reddit go from “The DNC stole the nomination from Bernie!!1” to “not today, old man!!”

    Oh, that’s right… the disinformation campaign and bad actors have been activated.

  15. there are a lot more important things on this list than that

  16. You all legitimately should smoke less weed if you think that the ONLY good thing on this list is legalization. That, or you’re a selfish person. Give me a good rationalization for why any of these things are bad except for “buhhhh but how much will it COST?!?” As if we don’t waste billions of dollars on imperial forever wars that decimate poorer countries.

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