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Check it out community :)

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48 thoughts on “Check it out community :)

  1. Wow! Amazing.

    How thick of wood did you use for the leaf? I like the finish too.

  2. Wow. This is really well done. I’d love to have this for our front porch.

  3. This is amazing! My blitzed ass would likely poke my damn eye out…but I’d still think it’s amazing

  4. You gotta calm down man!

    I know, you saw a big pot leaf and you were like “I gotta burn this!”

    It’s def cool!

  5. Yo that’s dope

  6. Gorgeous work.

  7. The new high chair

  8. That’s a wood highdea!

  9. Stoner Throne. I dig it

  10. Game of Stoned worthy throne

  11. It’s a Adirondank chair!!🤤
    Nicely done

  12. Looks awesome! With some green pillows must bee the perfect toking spot

  13. You should build a small stage to put this on.

  14. Did you make this? Send it to r/woodworking

  15. That’s awesome


  17. “No Occifer, we ain’t got none of that devil’s lettuce stuff around these parts”

  18. First off, that’s rad as hell. My two cents that’s with nothing, stain the chair once more so it’s a touch darker and leave the leaf exactly as it is

  19. Imagine jabbing your shoulder on that

  20. My drunk ass would definitely fall face first into that

  21. Please someone get one of these for Snoop!!

  22. A whole new meaning to Your Highness 👑

  23. Phenominal pattern and scroll work where all the leaves come together. Band saw or jig saw? Did you router template them?

  24. I’m lazy.

    Where can I buy this and how much?

  25. Hthis is so so cool

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