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First plant finally done, A.M.S from GreenHouseSeeds

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11 thoughts on “First plant finally done, A.M.S from GreenHouseSeeds

  1. Frosty m8, good work 💕

  2. She is a stunnah😍

  3. I can smell this picture

  4. I just want to dip it in honey mustard and take a bite

  5. Nice, I had to chop all of mine a bit early because the rains came in. Still on track for a few pounds.

  6. Gorgeous. Great job!

  7. Nice, I grew some AMS too. I was told the name comes from the letters of the AmDam airport, but I couldn’t find the lineage by research. Anyone know what strains went into making it?

  8. All these pics of fresh harvested bud, makes me eager to start growing my own.

    So tasty looking.

  9. She’s so pretty!!!

  10. Is this a fresh snip off the tree? Or did you clean this up before the picture? Just curious for my own growing knowledge

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