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Free tacos with weed purchase. California everyone

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23 thoughts on “Free tacos with weed purchase. California everyone

  1. I wish my state would get with the program!

  2. Places in Michigan often have vendor days to promote a brand and the vendors almost always have grills and bbq going out front with free hot dogs or burgers. It’s a perfect way to knock out lunch and a post lunch joint for about $5.

  3. My local place in Perris offers this too I love them

  4. I can’t wait god damn

  5. I hate….and love this

  6. Can’t sell or even give out non-infused food in CO dispensaries, it sucks.

  7. Didn’t take long for LeBron to open a dispensary I see

  8. So simple… yet so brilliant

  9. My god… it’s genius..

  10. So, would you rather have a weed place that also sells tacos OR a taco joint that also sells weed?

  11. Petoskey, 45mins south of the bridge

  12. why does it say “adult med”. is it for patients only?

  13. Aye this place is right down the st feom my house!!

  14. Looks kinda sketchy

  15. This will fade in time

  16. Aha, that’s great!

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