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I’m fucked off edibles and just realized how awesome my lizard is

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30 thoughts on “I’m fucked off edibles and just realized how awesome my lizard is

  1. That’s the most chilled lizard ever

  2. btw he’s kinda a rescue out of a gym locker

  3. Every animal are more amazing when high

  4. Looks like he’s pretty baked himself, lol.

  5. Mr. Steal Yo Girl

  6. He/she is pretty awesome.

  7. Aw. I miss my beardy he seemed to have quite the personality.

  8. Definitely looks like he wants to partake.

  9. Love bearded dragons

  10. You do know you put an nsfw tag on this right ?

  11. give him a bath with warm water in the tub. use an old soft toothbrush and gently brush his hind legs to get the pores unblocked. give him a bath once a week so it loosens up their “femoral pores”. He looks good tho take care of him

  12. picture of a lizard? better make is nsfw

  13. Omg he looks so happy, look at his cute smile. What u feeding this big guy.

  14. Got fired after my boss caught me looking at this. Should have listened to the NSFW tag

  15. He also looks fucked off edibles

  16. Can I make him my God?

  17. So fucked on Edibles that he puts his cute little Liz Liz on the NSFW section hahaha lovely lizard tho man. Very fit

  18. Why is this NSFW?

  19. Pets always seem to become the 7 Wonders when you’re high enough. My hermit crabs look like alien creatures when I’m stoned.

  20. Yeah hes really cool. Definitely someone i can stare at and play with stoney bologna

  21. dude your lizard is *awesome*

  22. Please get him a heat lamp asap. My 16 year old beardy died last week. Then can live long wonderful lives with the right care!

  23. He definitely knows you’re high

  24. why is this NSFW?????????

  25. Heyyy you wouldn’t happen to be the birthday boy with 1000mg edibles flying through your system, would you?

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