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I’ve reached the point in lifewhere I need rolling glasses.

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19 thoughts on “I’ve reached the point in lifewhere I need rolling glasses.

  1. Im looking at bifocals next – getting older sucks

  2. Try visual snow but having 20/20. It can be worse my friend.

  3. r/eldertrees is calling

  4. Dude we have the exact same rolling box but mine is black. I love it, totally smell and waterproof. I’ve taken it camping & left it out in the rain overnight, and my king skins were lovely & dry next morning

  5. as often as i lose my glasses, i can assure you camo ones are probably not the smartest choice

  6. You should try weed. I hear it helps.

  7. It would have been cool if you had actually posted a picture with the glasses you use for rolling. Who posts a picture with only their lenses?!

  8. Do you have glaucoma? I’ve heard of some herbal remedies…

  9. Why didn’t you include a picture of the glasses then?

  10. Love the pelican case portability, have 4 lying round the shop that I never thought to repurpose. I’m still using a cigar box

  11. Hey from a glasses wearer, at least now you always have a pokey for tapping down the end of your Js

  12. You’re not a true stoner until you’ve stolen a road sign with your friends

    👍🏻 I have one of those as well

  13. The first time I put on my readers to roll I was like “oh… so my weed DOES have crystals!” lol

  14. You’ve reached the top.

  15. Hey welcome to the glasses club!

  16. Where are the glasses

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