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Just broke up with the person I thought was the love of my life. Spark one up for everyone who’s going through a hard time right now.

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34 thoughts on “Just broke up with the person I thought was the love of my life. Spark one up for everyone who’s going through a hard time right now.

  1. I didn’t know what flair to use, so I thought that would be the most fitting.

    Lots of love and positive energy to everyone out there needing it right now

  2. Sending positive energy on your journey to your healing! And that’s a dope ass pipe

  3. I broke up with my girl of 7 years- so I sold everything I could gave the rest away borrowed every cent available to me and moved my ass to a legal state. It’s been a year and a half now and though it wasn’t easy it’s been the coolest thing that ever happened. You are your own master now…

  4. I’m so sorry man, I get it. Sparking for ya!

  5. Think of the most amazing thing she was, then be happy that such goodness can exist in reality.

  6. I just had the same thing happen to me, 8 years. Well make it.

  7. Never had a girlfriend because I want to be Gandalf.
    Nevertheless, I hope that bowl treats you better than she did.

  8. I feel for ya man. Sending positive vibes your way!

  9. I feel this man, my 6 year marriage is ending as we speak. My bowl never let’s me down tho!

  10. Hope you find that feeling again, it’s out there somewhere.

  11. I write music (good and bad) for dudes like you homie. Them bad times hit us all at some point, but it’s a damn good way of opening new doors, even if it fucking sucks. Next ones for all of us out there just getting by. One love. (6)

  12. That pipe is sick.

  13. Hey dude. I was down in a bad way after my first love breakup. Was stuck in a rut for a long while. Remember to deal with others emotionally while sober too and try and make the highs fun, by combining them with things you like, rather than sad times only.
    I also highly recommend the book, essays in love by alain de botton. It saved me and gave me fresh perspectives on life.
    Good luck! And best wishes!

  14. Is that tobbacco mixed or just really orange?

  15. I’m with you brother, my gf of 8 years told me last night that she no longer sees a future with me in it, And prescription pills are more my poison (about to run out of weed too ) so I’ve just been sitting in my haze of drug use. It sucks bro, all the best

  16. Head up, shoulders square, hand with lighter move towards the pipe, ignite, happy flight.

    Hang in there ent.

  17. I did the same thing today brotha. Was going on 3 years. But our paths were leading in different directions; so I figured why make it harder then, instead of doing it now. I’ve been packing bowls all day. And it’s 3 in the morning now.

  18. Weed w tabacco in a pipe¿?

  19. A bit of tobacco? I have a French friend who also puts tobacco in his herbs

  20. Man Im sorry.

    I’m 6 years into a great relationship I see people hitting 8-10 years and splitting and I just wonder how, what leads to it etc. Do not wish it on anybody and hopeful it does not happen to me.

  21. About to spark up a couple a bowl for you, sending all positive vibes and love to you through this tough time!

  22. Yesterday (still feels like today for me because of my sleep schedule) was my dad’s birthday. He would’ve been 51. Lighting up for you and him today.

  23. Know that feeling my guy! Hoes come an go but Mary J will always be a light away. It gets so much easier chief trust me, if in doubt, smoke it out.

  24. Here’s to you pal, i been, still go through it

  25. where did you buy that pipe?

  26. I can feel you mate. Happened pretty much same to me in the past month. But don’t despair! Life is a crazy ride and there’s always something positive to focus on. Work out, do your job well, call your family and friends! Life is beautiful. With or without trees. You’ll make it!

  27. Hey man i feel you, just found out the girl i thought was the one has been lying and messing around on me after she “needed time for herself”. Keep your head up things will get better

  28. I’m dankrupt and yesterday mo(u)rning, my wife told me she doesn’t love me, and hasn’t loved me for sometime. I don’t want to lose her, but I’m genuinely scared thatI already have.

  29. Sorry to hear that. Relationships are tough. Just try to keep yourself busy. It’ll be tough for a while. It was for me at least.

    That is an awesome piece.

  30. Just got dump by my gf an hour ago. I feel you bro, hang in there. I’ll light one up for you.

  31. Fiance left me a little over a month ago. It’s been tough getting used to being alone again but it gets better. I’ll spark one up for you, buddy, keep your head high

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