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Legalize weed so we can have regulations on cartriges!

All this talk of vaping illnesses has me thinking about all the counterfeit cartriges that are in circulation right now and have been for the past while. I had one that i stopped using immediately after i felt pain in my throat unlike any normal smoking pain. Never happened again since i don't use carts anymore. I just want to warn people that unless you know with absolute certainty that the carts came from a reputable source, do not buy, sell, or use them. The last thing we need is people getting sick from homebrew bullshit from people who don't know what they are doing and are just trying to make a buck. It hurts our society and also our chances to finally fully legalize this stuff. So if you are out there making carts in your kitchen, be careful with what you are doing and have ample research to know what solvents to use, what is safe to inhale, are there any contaminents that you aren't aware of? Metal pot or borosilicate glass? Just know that you are playing with peoples health when you make things that people will inhale. Leave it to the pro's.

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12 thoughts on “Legalize weed so we can have regulations on cartriges!

  1. To that note, my fiance’s cousin, who is already in an alternative high school for getting into trouble, has to be drug tested regularly. He tested positive for meth recently and it came from a fake street cart he bought (in Texas). I won’t touch a cart here in Texas now and would recommend anyone in an illegal state to avoid them.

  2. Lol, you realize most of the cases of cart poisoning are coming from LEGAL states, right? Unlicensed, illegal shops are all over the place in Cali selling poison. Its just how it is and always has been down there. Legalizing wont change the idiot minds of these kids, just make it harder for them to get clean product. Im not saying all the cases are from legal areas, but MANY of them are.

  3. Yes yes yes. I was thinking the same thing. I live in a state where is completely legal. I go to a great dispensary and I have absolutely no issue with vaping THC.

    In fact I have lung issues due to past cancer. When I vape a reputable cartridge I actually breathe better

    A friend who lives in a state that it is 100% illegal, gets cartridges from the black market and within a few months has noticed his breathing has gotten so bad.

    Stop demonizing cannabis

  4. 100% this. Smoked a couple of fake carts a year or so ago and they fucked my chest up for weeks. Wouldn’t even want to know what they would have done after prolonged usage.

    Any carts I’ve gotten legally from a dispensary have been an absolute dream to smoke, but, alas, as long as I’m living in an illegal state, I’m sticking to flower until we have federal legalisation.

  5. Literally was saying this like 3 weeks ago but no one noticed

  6. Article on Leafly from today

    Vape Pen Lung Disease Focuses Attention on THC Oil Additives | Leafly

  7. I just kinda live with the fact I’m not getting real stuff. It kinda sucks but what can I do about it?

  8. Here in Washington State, there’s no requirement that anybody does any pesticide testing whatsoever. So even where it’s been legal for as long as anywhere has ever been legal, legal weed cannot be assumed to be safe.

  9. Just smoke the plant instead?

  10. Ton of fake carts in Cali as well, and we’ve been legal for a while

  11. Both when not stoned and when stoned I am paranoid as fuck. Not like freaking out, but just worrying about small things

    I have my medical card and only ever buy from licensed dispensaries. I used to like dab pens a lot, because they were less harsh and better for you than smoking joints. However, when this news started coming out I was like “fuck, I already can’t see. I can’t lose my lungs too”, so I went to just plant material. Even though I’m from a state that hasn’t had any cases, and I get my carts from a dispensary that has reputable products and good bud, I’m still concerned as fuck that maybe somewhere in the supply chain the carts got contaminated or are otherwise unsafe.

    Now I got like $70 worth of carts that I am too afraid to use.

  12. While I believe in full legalization (or lack of laws in the first place) most of the take carts are being sold by and to underage highschoolers because they can’t get the real thing, 21+ legalization wouldn’t do much in that respect

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