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Mah Wizza

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10 thoughts on “Mah Wizza

  1. Thanks for the red outlines, I would have been totally lost.


  2. time to find my DVD’s

  3. That looks cool but it would be so annoying in practice.

  4. So where does he put it once he’s the white wizard in the bottom right? He carries a different staff as the white wizard.

  5. Haha woah r/moviedetails

  6. A wizard is never late and are always equipped with something you were not expecting.

  7. “Your love of the hobbits’ leaf has clearly slowed your mind” – Saruman to Gandalf

  8. I had always wondered where he kept that thang!

  9. That’s where all the magic happens.

  10. Full of the shires best pipeweed

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