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Oh the thrill of legalization

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41 thoughts on “Oh the thrill of legalization

  1. I would nut myself…not too much longer in my soon to be legal state

  2. Imagine copping an oz or more of that shatter and slapping heads selling it for 30-40/G

  3. I’m happy for you, but please stop, this makes me depressed 😭😭😭

  4. Wait why is the price so low is the quality lower or something?

  5. Why is Oregon bud so cheap?

  6. Where is this? wow

  7. Excuse me, but what the actual fuck? $40 oz is insane lol. What is the quality like?

  8. *cries in illegal state*

  9. That’s irresponsibly priced lmao I’d never get anything done

  10. Does anyone else want to know why they close at 9:55 pm?

  11. an oz is at least a 6 months supply for me. That’s insane to have for only $40.

  12. This Masshole is filled with rage

  13. As someone who is going through an area wide drought in an illegal state. I hate you lol

  14. Legal pot and everything aside. Is Portland worth living in? I’m young but it seems like a place I wouldn’t mind living, but can anyone give some feedback? Grad schools, cost of living, job opportunity? I know I guess this is stuff I could research online, but I like talking to you guys

  15. Fucking hell, I live in a legal state and just bought an eighth for $30 🙁

  16. Man I’m drooling. Currently over on my part of the east coast we are suffering major supply issues because of all of the outdoor grow ops being taken down by the government. I’m talking eighths of bud going for 55-60 starting soon once all of the stuff we usually get runs out.

  17. The quality is basement floor. Even with legalization you get what you paid for. This was probably harvested in 2017. The “shatter” was probably made from the same batch. Don’t let these cheap prices fool you. This is the garbage of the cannabis industry.

  18. Where is this? Here in Oakland dispensary prices be like 55 for an 8th of top shelf.

  19. This is truly insanity

  20. I miss Portland 🙁

  21. Capitalism at its finest boi’s

  22. I thought this was an ad from Fallout New Vegas

  23. Why the hell are cartridges so damn cheap? And how are the quality of legal carts?

  24. I’ll have 5 joints, and ounce, and 4 vape carts please.

    Only around $85 with tax? I would cut off a pinky for legalization in my state

  25. Actually kind of nice of them for selling an eighth and an Oz for the same proportional price. Usually dispensaries charge a little extra if you’re buying a less amount. Actually pretty much every business does that.

  26. Oh my fucking gooooood

  27. Gawd damn!! I pay $200 for an oz for “the good shit”, $60 for schwag. Fucking illegal state, I hate it here.

  28. Even though it’s legal I don’t think I’ll ever buy weed in a Michigan store. The amount of red tape and bullshit has been ridiculous. It’s already shaping up to be a few millionaires price fixing everything and paying people $8/hr.

  29. I get $40 1/2oz ( in OR) and it’s bomb. You could easily pay $60 1/8 in CA for the same stuff

  30. That’s the Oregon market for ya! Race to the bottom went right through the floor! Great for customers but good luck running a profitable grow.

  31. Sadly not all legal states are like this. At least not here in so Cal. I’m guessing this is Oregon.

  32. I go here. Shits drying up.

  33. We pay $40 minimum in Canada for 3.5g

  34. This makes me want to cry. 👍

  35. Meanwhile in rural Australia its ~400 per ounce for poisonous [pgr]( crap, if you can even get it

  36. As a person who works in the industry, these prices are a bad sign. Oregon is very over stoked in product, wouldnt be surprised if these products were close to two years old…

  37. It’s legalized in Canada yet we’re still paying bullshit like $50 for 3.5 grams

  38. i cried looking at this. $35 eighths and i thought i didn’t have it too bad

  39. I love Floyd’s! It’s right outside my hippie liberal arts college. They know what the fuck they’re doing putting it walking distance from us. I personally buy two ounces a month there.

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