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Outstanding move by MLB

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6 thoughts on “Outstanding move by MLB

  1. When can they stop testing for job applications? I dont wanna t break

  2. Thanks for bringing us this news on your cake day!

  3. And we can now expect a major increase in hotboxes.

  4. when the MLB has more sense than the entire state of Indiana

  5. So you mean to tell me MLB players can smoke weed as much as they want? Damn it why did I try out for football.

  6. WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) has also recently relaxed their policies on marijuana usage to make it against the rules only if you’re baked during a sporting event, meaning I can still smoke in the days leading up to powerlifting competitions to offset the soreness and fatigue, sleep better, and recover better. No longer do I have to worry about being banned from my sport for smoking a J ten days out of my competition.


    We’re making progress, fellow ents!

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