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Smoke on the water.

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14 thoughts on “Smoke on the water.

  1. Now that’s a pretty nice combo doggo,weed and a lake
    Nice place man feeling a little jealous jajajajajjaja

  2. Now this looks like a hell of a time.

  3. Missing the point, but I love that you have a comfy rug for your shepherd. A good time for all involved!

  4. …and fire in the sky

  5. Damn I love your dog. German Shepard’s are my favourite breed!

  6. Love it! Just went kayaking for the first time on a calm river. I can’t wait to get my own kayak or canoe. What fur is that? Is it real? Just curious

  7. Looks like Minnesota!

  8. Are you in Ontario by any chance? Great looking canoe you have there.

  9. I’m so jealous looks so peaceful

  10. Now that’s a cool dog

  11. Is that bon echo.?

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