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New Mexico has changed their cannabis laws. Now any person can participate in our medical cannabis program…… It’s like a weird legalization.

Regardless of where you are from, or what country, you can receive your medical cannabis card here in New Mexico. Here is why that’s cool, almost every western state has a medical cannabis, or rec program, some also have reciprocity, which they acknowledge out of state cannabis cards. Those states are Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico as well. If you have your card in NM you are allowed 8 ounces, and you’re protected in Arizona with it, and the rest of the western states are legal, but the medical ones you’re good because of reciprocity. In Nevada they have rec, but if you have your card you get priority over rec customers and they put you to the front of the line, which is cool af! I was in Vegas a year before they went legal and used my NM cannabis card to purchase some really good Diablo OG. Utah has a cannabis program, but I don’t think reciprocity. This change they made in New Mexico was a mistake during the last legislative session, they changed the definition of a qualified patient from, “New Mexico resident” to, “person.” We also added reciprocity, so if you have a card from elsewhere already you can possess and purchase here soon, they’re getting the system ready for the purchases. Also consumption sites will also be a thing soon, where you can use your cannabis in a safe place, like a cannabar.

Update: I didn’t expect so many to show interest, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I run the NMMCPAA (New Mexico Medical Cannabis Patients Advocacy Alliance) and we are group of patients who help other patients, we fight for sensible cannabis reform, conduct reviews, meet with law makers, and dispensary owners. We helped change this law, and several others in the state to better the medical cannabis program, so please feel free to ask, it’s kind of my job to know the NM cannabis program. Bienvenidos a Nuevo Mexico! It’s all sick!!!

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