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What in the event you may put seeds within the microwave and it popped right into a nug like popcorn…

I used to be simply making popcorn and it made me suppose what different seeds would do in the event you put them into the microwave. Then I had the thought of placing an additional seed within the microwave. It didn't do something however begin to odor and burnt my finger once I picked it up, however what if it did do one thing? What if it popped into just a little nug similar to how popcorn seeds pop into popcorn? Wouldn’t it be an edible nug and will we simply eat it? May you employ some melted cannabutter and taste it similar to popcorn?

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[8] you assume I might order a pizza to my bed room window??

Like, if I instructed them too within the “particular directions” field, you assume they really would??

Edit; I wanna do a type of “if this hits 1k updoots, I’ll order the pizza!” Soooo;

If I get 100 updoots, I’ll order pizza.

In case you’d prefer to contribute to this inevitably outrageous quantity of meals I’m going to order, dm for my Snapcash . s s

Edit; modified it to 300 updoots
Edit; I kinda need to pizza. So it 100updoots.

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