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I normally don’t smoke while doing homework but this homework calls for it.

I have some fire wax and just loaded it into my pen and have some mindless articles to summarize for class.

Every 5 likes = 1 pen hit (ill re-pack wax as needed)

Edit to keep track: 21 hits

Edit #2: Yo i’m dead y’all chill

Edit #3: Derp

Edit #4: Got to hit 26 and crashed for about 20 minutes. I’m cooked but on the bright side i’m almost done with this homework.

Edit #5: Fell asleep, woke up and puked. Feel like shit.

Edit #6: Gonna try and make coffee to take a couple more hits. No promises. I feel fucking terrible.

Edit #7: Fell asleep on my fucking keyboard. Feel absolutely shit but managed to hit it 2 more times making it 28 hits total. Holy fuck.

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