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Encounter with the Police! 👮‍♀️

Last night I was walking my dog and when walking my dog late at night 9/10 I’ll smoke a joint while doing it. Well this time I was walking and stopped to let my dog pee, was on my phone and I hear footsteps behind me, looked round and saw it was the police, just stood there and froze 😅 as they walked by they just said ‘you can’t disguise the smell, get rid of it’ I just replied ‘guess not, sorry officer’ and we went separate ways. Nice to see that police in my city aren’t bothered about it, I only had about 0.8 on me anyway, but it’s not uncommon to see UK police from other cities and counties posting a joint they’ve seized on Facebook and act like it’s a drug bust 😂

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feelin’ the love

my boyfriend and i both prefer flower, but we’re hiking into the grand canyon in a couple of weeks and they are strict when it comes to any “drugs” or alcohol. last night, he got carts for us to take down there, and because all of my batteries were shitty dispensary ones, he surprised me with a Palm from the smoke shop across the street. i was totally feeling the love, as always.

just had to share:) he’s my one. lol

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The random paranoia is controlled BEFORE lighting up. IMO

It's like 333 am where I'm from. Usually when I smoke I noticed more often than not that it's my own thoughts about how I'm "a piece of shit" (according to the voice in my head when Im high) that triggers paranoia. Follow me here.

Mostly every time I'm high i start to think about all the shit that I somehow feel I've said/done wrong. I think about how I act at work, if I'm being a little bitch, or annoying, or an asshole. How I treat my coworkers. Did spend enough time with my son? Did I call my mom? Is the trauma as a child what keeps me from talking to my brothers? Or letting people close? You hopefully get the picture.

Today tho I had a great time and great conversation at work, I spoke to my mom for an hour, I spent time with my son and wife ridding scooters in the park, I took them to dinner after, I played some fire emblem, played with my guinea pigs.

Now I'm high after everyone is asleep. I hit all the bullet points I question when I get paranoid and I've had the chillest high tonight.

You can set the stage for your experience if you're at peace with yourself.

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