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The time I accidentally ate 800mg

My room mate left out a bunch of cake looking things so I decided too have two, they don’t taste or smell like weed some how, so I just thought they were normal little cake things (I don’t know how to describe them, they had the texture of a weirdly dense cake, but it tasted like he flavoured them with shitty protein powder). After I ate them I told my roommate he did a shit job making them cause they taste like shit, his eyes widen and he asks me how many I had, I told him two. He started laughing his ass off and said “well someone’s gonna have a fun weekend, you better tell work your sick or something”.

Not even 20 minutes later they kick in and i am absolutely blitzed out of my mind. I go over too my roommate and asked just how potent they were, he responded 400mg+ per cake. My jaw dropping and I started laughing my ass off, the highest dose I had taken before this was 80mg and I was absolutely fucked off that (I have a surprisingly low tolerance for how much I smoke so 60mg will get me very high). So I started chilling watching the office… I ended up not being able too watch anything cause I just kept getting caught in my own head and couldn’t focus on what was on the tv, it had gotten to the point were I was in a very psychedelic headspace, at one point I forgot how to breathe so I had to breath manually for an hour, then I couldn’t blink, so I had too blink manually for an hour. It was so bad that I had forgotten how to walk, it’s not that I couldn’t walk, I quite literally forgot how to walk. I tried walking too the bathroom and while I was doing that I had to say out loud while walking “right foot”, “left foot”, “right foot”, and so on. A few times I even messed up and stepped with the same foot twice, eventually I got too the toilet, I used the washroom, washed my hands and then tried too walk back too bed… then I ate it on the bathroom floor, I couldn’t move.

I was in the floor for about 5 minutes before I gave up trying too get up myself and called my room mate too help, he opened the door for me, laughed at me and asked if he could help, I said no and literately crawled like a toddler back into my room, and pulled myself back into my bed, fell asleep and woke up 36 hours later still high out of my god damned skull. I was fortunately able too walk, breathe and blink perfectly fine that day, but I still was unable too work, drive, etc.

And that is my first time ever having a stupidly large dose on edibles, although it was a crazy experience, I had a really fun time and after that 36 hours of sleep I felt amazing, overall I’d recommend, however clear your calendar if you decide too take that much, you may be high for 3-4 days like I was. If you read this far I appreciate the hell out of you, even if you didn’t enjoy the story. Hope you all have a great day, stay high.

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