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My father brought me weed for the quarantine even though he doesn’t smoke.

I live in Spain, and I don't know if you know but goverment stablished qurantine two days ago. I live with my parents but they both were out staying the weekend in a house they have in a small village about an hour away. I tried to get a bit of weed before everything closed out but I didn't have much money so it ran out pretty quickly (I could only get like 3 grams and that was 4 days ago). So today they came back home so thay we did the quarantine together, and my father brought me like 15 grams. I knew he smoked when he was young, but I didn't know he also used to be a dealer, so he had a guy in that small town that he knew from those times and bought some for me. Also he told me he will smoke a joint with me this evening but not more since he doesn't feel too well whenever he smokes now. It's the most insane thing that has happened to me since I smoke, I still can't really believe it xD. And I couldn't be any happier about it.

Just wanted to share this little story, stay safe and wash your hands!

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I’m moving for weed.

This is a bit crazy and something I won't admit to anyone close. I'm a toker and I probably will be till the day I die. I had my days in college of hitting up the dealer but as I get older picking up weed like you used to all of a sudden gets very problematic because you now have to be an adult as well and can't risk a criminal record.

So deciding to do the responsible thing for my future and because honestly I'm tired of waiting on the fed and my state legislature, I'm moving to Colorado. Like I have legitimate reasons for wanting to move out there besides just their marijuana laws, it's a gorgeous state and with my career I figure it would be a hell of a place to start a family.

But yeah deep down it's just cause I want to be able to roll up to a store after work, pick up weed over the counter and pay with my credit card. Also the summers are gorgeous.

EDIT: To everyone talking about the housing market. I know what I'm getting myself into. It's going to be expensive but it's a cost Im able and willing to live with.

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